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Consignment policies and contract

Guidelines for Consigning Clothes:

We work 3 ways here at Rockin' Robin's:

Method #1:

1) Clothes are seen by appointment only, Tuesdays thru Fridays between 11 and 3 in the winter months, 4 during the other seasons. Please call Angela Wilke, our Store Manager at 303-652-4144 to schedule.

2) All clothes must be FRESHLY Laundered, in perfect condition (no missing buttons, zippers work?, no stains) and ON HANGARS. We return your hangars for the items we are going to take.

3) We are interested in seasonal items (winter clothes in the winter) FUN AND FABULOUS clothing from the 1940 (or earlier) to present day in great condition. Think ahead as we will be taking spring clothing starting toward the end of the month of February.

4) We do not deal in children's clothes but are starting to expand a men's section shirts, jackets, sweaters and some suits. We also want Fun and Fabulous and are looking for Retro clothing for men from the 1960 forward in Great condition. We also take cowboy hats and boots for men.

Method #2:

On Mondays, you can bring up to 4 items without an appointment before 4 pm. This does not mean we will take all 4.

Method #3, The Preferred Consigner!:

We LOVE our preferred consignors here at R & R's! If you are one of this elite group, you can bring up to 20 items, anytime we're open and drop them off. They don't even have to be on hangers. You do this with the understanding that:

     Angela or Rockin' Robin's Staff will look at them when we have time and can donate whatever we do not think we can sell,


    You don't want to pick up the unsold items after the 60 days, and You only want to shop with store credit!


Consignment Contract: 1). Consignment periods are for approximately 60 days. Due to the large number of consignors, we respectfully request that during the 60 days, you do NOT CALL to check on your account, but wait till your period is complete.

2). Percentage. The consignor will receive 40% of the asking price if you prefer to be paid with a check.  You can also choose to use the money as store credit for 50% and shop till you drop. You also can use a little of both. Money not claimed within 6 months from the consignment expiration date will be paid as store credit only for an additional six months. Store credit not used within one year from consignment expiration date will be removed from your account.

3). Retrieval of items. If you wish to retrieve your unsold items, you must do so only during the week preceding the expiration date.  Items not picked up by the expiration date become store property, and may be donated or may remain on the sales floor after the expiration date. Items sold after the expiration dates are not credited to the consignor account. WE DO NOT CALL you to remind you of your expiration date.

4). Pricing. The prices that items will be sold at will be determined solely by Rockin’ Robin’s. While we appreciate if the consignor wants to bring to our attention that an item was originally worth a larger sum of money due to its label or materials, it is not appreciated when consignors tell us the amounts they want for each and every item. Rockin’ Robin’s reserves the right to discount items, lower prices and hold special sales.

5). Collecting. Consignors may pick up one check at the end of their consignment period. Please call to make sure Angela or one of the Owners is going to be in the store as they are only one who can issue you a check. You can use the money in your account for store credit anytime. Rockin’ Robin’s does NOT contact you to tell you if there’s money in your account. We also do NOT mail checks. It is the consignor’s responsibility to check on the status of their account and come by to pick up payment in the store at the end of their consignment period.

6). Condition. As mentioned earlier, all clothing must be freshly cleaned, (within one week of bringing the clothes in) free of stains, and all buttons and zippers must work. All clothes should be on hangars. No holes, rips or seams coming out. If an item is accepted and later discovered to be stained or otherwise not sellable, Rockin’ Robin’s reserves the right to go ahead and donate or dispose of the item.

7). Liability. Rockin’ Robin’s is not responsible for any consigned item that is lost, stolen or damaged while in the store.



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